Free Account Eligibility

1. You must have an active domain purchased from any domain provider in (we personally like Google Domains) in order to complete registration.

2. Ensure to confirm your email and check spam.

3. Follow the email instructions to point your domain DNS or A Record to us.

4. Enjoy The Free Service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions #1.

Do you support Gutenberg?

Yes, our list of supported Gutenberg plugins and themes is growing every day.  We are continuing to monitor the Gutenberg community and will keep you updated of new developments.

Questions #2.

How long does it take to setup my account?

Our system checks whether your name is a valid domain within seconds and begins setting up your WordPress account once you verify your email.  Most accounts are setup with a couple of hours.

Questions #3.

How long will my hosting be free?

We’ll provide you with our free plan with no time limits on expiry. Unlike other web host, we don’t require you to include a link back to our site.  Our system periodically checks your domain/website to ensure the site is still active and being utilized.

Questions #4.

How do I get my SSL?

We have always been a big fan of security.  With the free and basic plans, you’ll need to request a CSR from us that you will then provide to your SSL certificate provider to start the process.  We can recommend several reputable SSL vendors.  If you need more assistance, we’ll gladly provide it.

In the rare occurrence we require more information, we will contact you directly.

Questions #5.

What if I outgrow the Free Plan?

The free plan is suitable for sites will minimal needs. If you’re a much larger organization or are expecting lots of traffic, we have more advanced hosting solutions starting at $5/month.

Questions #6.

Are there any limitations to the Free Plan?

The free plan is meant for smaller sites.   If you have a larger site and are expecting a larger amount of traffic, we recommend upgrading to the $5/Month basic plan

Questions #7.

I have an existing web site. Can you help me migrate?

While we don’t provide migration assistance on the free plan, we can assist your organization on the right approach to migrating your website over to us. Keep in mind that some plugins/themes are not allowed on our platform. Our WordPress engineers will work to ensure your team has the right tools.

Questions #8.

Can I help promote this plan?

We’d love you to! Any blog posts, tweets or social media posts to this page will be hugely appreciated. We have no limit on the number of sites we host and we’d like to help as many as possible. Please get in touch below if you have any specific ideas to help spread the word.

Questions #9.

What about plugins?

All WordPress instances contain a set of pre-configured plugins that provide a rich feature set of core functionality. Premium Plugins are allowed on the Plus subscription plan with a valid plugin license.  Just submit a support request and we’ll install it for you.

Questions #10.

What if I need design or development support?

We managed your infrastructure to help grow your business. And while we don’t offer design and development support, we do have a small but growing network for affordable design and development partners that we can connect you with. Just ask about this during the account setup process.

Questions #11.

Do I need to know any code to build my website?

Our integrated WordPress environment allows you to heavily customize your website without the need for any programming skills. If you are a designer or developer, HTML and CSS are fully available to you via the built in code editor.