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Want to signup for the platform but don’t know how to begin?

Contact Us and we will determine if your current WordPress Installation can be migrated. If so, we’ll let you know what the FLAT FEE will be.

The first step is to sign up for a WP Interns plan above.


Questions #1.

I need a multi-lingual site, is this allowed?

We support over 43 languages. If you have a single site, you can go to Settings > Site language to change to one of over 43 languages. If you have a multi-site network, your users will be able to change their language in Settings >Site Language. Either way, changing your language has never been easier.

Questions #2.

Our site was hacked before, how does this platform prevent this?

Most WordPress security issues stem from weak administrator passwords and users not updating plugins and WordPress core updates. WP Interns is proactive in keeping your site secure and manages WordPress core updates as well as plugin and theme updates for you. We also perform security and malware scans to ensure that all WordPress sites running on WP Interns are free from intrusions.

Questions #3.

How Is This Platform Different Than Others In The Market?

First, we have the most affordable Managed WordPress platform, and never forced you to upgrade. We believe every artist, designer, and entrepreneur needs to have a website. The most difficult part of managing WordPress is ensuring your plugins are always up to date. Even if your current web host makes WordPress Core updates, we take it a step further with recommendations.

It’s an entirely different way to manage your WordPress site.

Questions #4.

How do I get my ssl?

We have always been a big fan of security. As part of google’s initiative to make all websites secure, we proactively include SSL certificates for plus and premium plans.  Basic customers can purchase the SSL add-on for $15/year. During checkout you will be asked to supply information to issue your SSL certificate.

In the rare occurrence we require more information, we will contact you directly.

Questions #5.

Do you provide domain registration?

Yes, you can buy any domains by clicking here or going to

Questions #6.

Can I upload my own theme?

We support all official repository themes, which have been reviewed by WordPress. With over 4000 themes to choose from, we know you will find a design you like to customize. You can either upload a repository wordpress theme via FTP or create a ticket request so we can do it for you.

You can browser the repository at

All users have FTP access to the theme folders to make any code changes to their themes.

Please note that if your theme contains outdated plugins, bundled plugins, or plugins that conflict with our environment, your theme may not work properly in our environment.

In order to be 100% sure, we recommend only using official WordPress Repository themes, or confirming a plugin is available on our platform.

Questions #7.

Do I have FTP access to my website?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to upload, download and transfer any theme to your themes folder. You can give this to your developer or anyone in your internal staff to upload and configure your theme. This is where your theme code lives – so be careful.

You will be receiving your FTP details along with your website details shortly.

Questions #8.

What about plugins?

All WordPress instances contain a set of pre-configured plugins that provide a rich feature set of core functionality. Premium Plugins are allowed on the Premium subscription plan with a valid license.  If you would like to add your own see additional functionality, you can submit a feature request in our support forum. While we cannot promise your feature request will be implemented, our weekly review ensures your ideas are considered.

Questions #9.

How are theme and plugin updates handled?

Theme and plugin updates occur every Friday and Saturday. If your subscriptions contains a staging environment, those are updated first on Friday morning.

This provides your team an opportunity to review any issues on the staging environment before updates are made on the production environment.

Questions #10.

Do I have a staging environment?

Some subscriptions come with a staging environment that can mirror your production environment. By default, the option “discourage search engines from
indexing this site” is pre-selected. This helps prevent google indexing content from the staging environment and possibly penalizing you for duplicate content.

For users who want to implement a password protected firewall on their staging environment, our team can do so for for a nominal fee. Please submit a support request to enable this.

Please note that a password protected firewall may prevent your staging and production environment from staying 100% in sync.

If you have the firewall enabled, we can perform one time staging/production sync for a nominal fee. Should you have questions about firewalls or your staging environment, please contact us via the help forum.

Questions #11.

Can I run a membership management/digital subscription site?

Customers on Plus and Premium subscriptions have the ability to take payments and run a full membership website. While you can sell any digital product, shopping carts are not available on wpinterns.

If you want to use a shopping cart, we recommend Alpha Beta Commerce, which is a WooCommerce specific web host. We also offer free migration to that platform for WP Interns users.

Please inquire with our support staff if you are interested in making the switch.

Questions #12.

What is SLA?

SLA response times refer to how quickly our staff will respond to a technical issue being raised via our support forums during normal business hours. While our staff attempts to response to all tickets as quickly as possible, your subscription level will determine the SLA time.


Questions #13.

Do I need to know any code to build my website?

Our integrated environment allows you to heavily customize your website without the need for any programming skills. If you are a designer or developer, HTML and CSS are fully available to you via the built in code editor.